Yes, many people working in the care industry would answer. If you are a care worker or healthcare support worker, you might find it hard to add “learning” to your busy schedule. Other things that may prevent you from learning could be:

  • family commitments
  • lack of confidence (you may have had a bad experience at school).

Skills Advisors can help you tackle your barriers to learning. Our motto is “Training with minimum disruption to your work”. We deliver training in short time batches to suit and fit around you; from 1-2 hour sessions at your place of work to on-demand short online units lasting for less than 30 minutes.

Skills Advisors focus is maths, English and Digutal Skills, the main foundations that every care worker needs to work in this age. Using a healthcare worker as an example, she will need:

  • IT Skills like Using Computers and Word Processing to allow her to write care plans for her clients.
  • IT Skills like Using Email to send information including attachments.
  • Maths Skills to be able measure medication.
  • Maths Skills to be able to properly record fluid intake.
  • English Skills to be able to write the care plan.
  • English Skills to fill out an accident form.

By the way, if you are an experienced care worker, PrimeCarers will help you find more and flexible work to suit your schedule.

To apply, hit the ‘apply now’ button, and check out this handy application guide they have made to help you.