Computer Basics for Carers

Many people go into the caring profession because they like to look after and care for other people. Unfortunately, like all modern businesses, a knowledge and use of computers is now a must in the care indutry. A typical care worker will at the very least need to know these basic computer skills:

  • Being to switch a computer on
  • Being able to log on and log off
  • Being able to shut down a computer
  • Understand the concept of user name and password
  • Basic Keyboarding (Enter, Backspace, Delete)
  • Understand how to use a mouse (left click, right click, scroll)
  • Understand the concept of desktop
  • Be able to create folders and files
  • Using a browser to search for information online
  • Using a web-based email to send and receive emails with attachment
  • Use Word Processing to write a basic document, save it and email it as an attachment

If you are an employer in the care industry and you have staff who may have difficulties with any of the above tasks, talk to us.